Why Blog, Why Economics

I don’t just study economics because sometime in high school there was one grade that was above the mean and steadily so. I find myself asking economics questions. Previously I envisioned myself as Gordan Gecko, some sort of 80s banker fantasy but the questions I was asking and the subjects I was curious about were always theoretical and scholarly. Hardly was I asking questions related to networking, investment banking, and so on. I had no interest and I would be lying if I said I had a comparative advantage in dealing with people.  I certainly do not. But I like math and I view the world through it, and certainly economics is a replication and answer to my questions. Thus, an intellectual pursuit is followed rather than risk living a life of regret.

There is always good reason to think one’s immediate anticipation of regret is an overreaction but still regret in not studying economics versus missing out on a career in finance or consulting lead to a decision. In fact, my over-analyzation of my decisions just lead me more into economics. I entered another world, besides the rockstar world of macroeconomics, into game theory and behavioural economics to name a few.

The use of this site will be to chronicle ideas and thoughts about economics. I will use it more to project my thoughts back to myself.  Previously I had written on a blog, but it was more of a back and forwards discussion with a friend concerning Federal Reserve policy and economics of the Arab Spring. Since then my interests have been cast in a slightly different direction in terms of application of economics and more so to economic theory itself.


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